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H'ELite Hotel foshan profile

2023/6/3 16:52:02
The H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan is one of the newest hotels in Foshan, having opened in 2018. With the Shunde Area just 1km away, H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan is conveniently situated.
H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan is approximately 24km away from Foshan Railway Station. The nearest railway station is Foshan Railway Station, approximately 24km from the hotel. Guests will find Happy 8 Town located just a short distance from H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan.
When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. Travelers requiring pickup service can book this directly through the hotel. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request. H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan features parking on site.
Germaphobes can rest easy - the level of cleanliness is highly rated at this hotel. H'ELite\ Hotel\ foshan is particularly popular with those traveling on business.

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Sheraton Zhoushan Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Lincheng New District
Area:Dinghai District
Address: No. 101 Qiandao Road,Dinghai District,Zhoushan,Zhejiang